MOD State Secretary Simunovic attends meeting in Berlin

Upon the invitation of the German Federal Ministry of Defence, the delegation of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia, led by MOD State Secretary Pjer Simunovic, will attend on Tuesday, March 23, the meeting at the level of Director for Defence Policy of countries that have their troops deployed in the Regional Command North of NATO ISAF Mission in Afghanistan.

The meeting will be held in Berlin organized by the Federal Republic of Germany, as the leading country in charge of Regional Command North (RC NORTH), with the aim to expand coordination among the countries that have their troops deployed in the RC North. Apart from the Croatian delegation, the meeting will be attended by delegations of Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, the United States and NATO.
During the meeting, discussion on the conclusions of the London Conference and their implementation in the Regional Command North, the coordination of civil-military cooperation and the implementation of the transition of responsibility for the security to the Afghan national security forces is expected.