“Black Bear 10” International Military Exercise

“Black Bear 10” international military exercise of military police units, will be held from 13 to 22 September 2010 at the “Gasinci” military training area near Djakovo and in “Dračice” Barracks in Djakovo.

The exercise will be attended by 305 members of the military police as part of the NATO Multinational Military Police Battalion (MNMPBAT) from the Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Republic of Poland.

Exercise program is based on Allied Joint Doctrine for Military Police and the principles of training of military police units, taking into account the principles of combat focus, standardization of training actions and procedures, impartial evaluation and assessment. The importance of joint training of military police forces in support of the fight against global terrorism and in favour of regional security will be emphasized during the exercise.

Exercise Director is the Head of the General Staff Military Police Department Colonel Tihomir Zebec and his deputy is Colonel Grzegorz Halupka from the Polish Military Police.

“BLACK BEAR 10” exercise is the first major training event of the military police since the Republic of Croatia joined NATO, and the largest international military exercise of military police units in Europe in 2010.
The exercise is the continuation of the NATO MNMPBAT training since 2006, when the Agreement on cooperation among NATO member countries on the MNMPBAT project was signed.