Response to misinterpretations published in the “Jutarnji list”

The article by Krešimir Žabec, published in the “Jutarnji list” of 3 April 2013, pp. 11, including the sidebars, contains an incorrect statement that the procedure of overhaul and procurement of fighter aircraft for the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence entails a scandal.

The statement by the journalist, Mr. Žabec and the editor is altogether wrong and results from misinterpretation of the correct information that the tender documentation sent by the Ministry of Defence to potential contractors was in the Croatian language.

The Public Procurement Act in effect in the Republic of Croatia (Art. 78) states that the “Tender documents shall be drawn up in the Croatian language and Latin script“, so labelling the tender in question as “scandalous” is ill-intentioned or stems from the author’s ignorance of public procurement, which can also be qualified as scandalous.