Vojna vježba potvrdila sposobnosti pripadnika ZSS-a za provedbu dodijeljenih zadaća u područjima operacija potpore miru

Special Forces Command takes part in Poskok 19/2 Ex

Exercise Poskok 19/2 confirms the capabilities of the members of the 9th SPC SOAT of the Special Forces Command  to perform the tasks assigned in PSO

The Special Forces Command organised and conducted the military exercise Poskok 19/2 in  the Barracks “Josip Jović“ at Udbina from 7 – 12 July 2019.

The pre-deployment training was designed based on the standards and criteria stated in  NATO doctrinary documents.

The evaluator teams of the Special Forces Command conducted a final evaluation of capabilities of the 9th SPC SOAT (Special Police Training Center Special Operations Advisory Team) of the Special Forces Command for the 11th HRVCON to Resolute Support in Afghanistan.

The final evaluation comprised three phases, in compliance with NATO standards and  national instructions and regulations.

The exercise scenarios and featured incidents assigned to the forces entirely supported the evaluators lists.

The evaluator teams of the Special Forces Command, supervised by the evaluators of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces confirmed that the 9th SPTC SOAT was ready to perform the assigned tasks in peace support operations.