U.S. Naval attaché awarded with medal

U.S. Naval attaché, Commander Frederick Mosenfelder, was awarded with the “Order of the Early Croatian Three-strand Pattern” decoration delivered on Tuesday, April 6, in the Ministry of Defence, for a substantial contribution to the development of successful bilateral defence cooperation between Croatia and United States.

Decoration was awarded by the MOD State Secretary Pjer Simunovic who stressed that the Commander in his mandate provided substantial contribution to bilateral defence cooperation between the navies of both countries. MOD State Secretary Simunovic particularly highlighted the activities of international military cooperation regarding boarding Croatian Navy officers on the U.S. Navy ships and contribution in education and training of Croatian Navy officers and NCOs, which would not have been realized to this extent if there was no personal involvement of Commander Mosenfelder. “During your term as the Navy Attache you have shown generous and wholehearted support to the Croatian Navy, and by expressed desire that the Croatian Navy Commander deliver you the promotion to the U.S Navy Commander rank in 2008, you have expressed particular appreciation for the Croatian Navy and the Croatian Armed Forces as a whole”, Simunovic said.