Croatian Rampart

Croatian Rampart 1991-2021 is a common term for activities and exercises that are planned to be conducted from April to June 2021 in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Croatian Armed Forces and to display the capabilities of the Armed Forces.

In these exercises the Croatian Armed Forces will display its capabilities to carry out all three missions: national and collective defense, contribution to international security, and support to civilian institutions in four domains: land, sea, air and cyber space.

Croatian Rampart 1991-2021 includes four national exercises:

  1. “ŠTIT 21” (“SHIELD 21”)
  2. “STABILNOST 21/1” (“STABILITY 21/1”)
  3. “PRSTAC 21” (“DATE SHELL 21”)
  4. “BARAKUDA 21” (“BARRACUDA 21”),and four international military exercises in Croatia:
  3. “BLACK SWAN 21”
  4. “LAUFER 21”.

Also, cyber exercise “CYBER Midwest Croatia Kosovo Engagement 21” will be conducted in June 2021.